24 Hour Crisis Hotline

TTY/TDD call 711 within Texas

Victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault, their family, and friends may receive crisis intervention services, counseling, shelter, information and referrals for a variety of social services 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.  Trained staff and volunteers are available to provide safe solutions during a crisis. The service is free of charge and is confidential.

Assistance is provided in English and Spanish.

TTY/TDD call 711 within Texas

An individual that is hearing impaired or deaf may initiate a call through Relay Texas by dialing the relay number 711 or

(800) 735-2989 (TTY) Teletypewriter

(800) 735-2988 (Voice)

(800) 735-2991 (ASCII service) American Standard Code for Information Interchange.


After dialing Relay Texas, the person initiating the call gives the desired phone number to the Relay Texas Agent, who then dials that number using another phone line.  The Relay Agent types the standard phone user's spoken words to the person using the TTY and voices the TTY user's text.