Battering Intervention & Prevention Program


    Brighter Tomorrows BIP Program is Accredited by CJAD and accepted by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office as well as Dallas County Adult Probation.


    Battering Intervention and Prevention Programs (BIPPs) consist of groups for family violence offenders, in which clients are challenged to evaluate their previously held beliefs about relationships, for past abusive behavior, and taught the fundamentals of leading healthy, nonviolent relationships. 


    Although BIPPs work directly with offenders, the underlying goal of these programs is to enhance the safety of family violence victims and their children. Optimally, BIPPs also challenge ingrained beliefs on patriarchy and entitlement.


    BIPPs provide a designated criminal justice response to family violence that is an economical alternative to incarceration and provides an extension of supervision for family violence offenders.

    BIPPs are an integral part of Brighter Tomorrows' response to end family violence across Texas.


For more information or to schedule your BIPP session, please contact 214.957.8254 or email Hope Harris at

Administrative Office


928 Bluebird Dr.

Irving, TX. 75061


TEL: 972-254-4003

FAX: 972-254-8086



Get Help


24-Hour Local Hotline : 972-262-8383


National Domestic Violence Hotline:

1-800-799-7233 (safe)


National Sexual Assault Hotline:

1-800-656-4673 (hope)

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