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The Education Department

As the Education Department of Brighter Tomorrows, we are committed to providing quality educational material that incorporates our core values of cultural competency and inclusivity. We strive to maintain a diverse library of presentations geared toward vulnerable populations to ensure that they not only feel represented, but also celebrated, supported, and empowered.

Our presentations are all adapted from several publicly available curricula, are appropriate for use with individuals of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and students with disabilities, and are free of bias or discrimination.


We know that the need of every audience is different, and we work diligently with organizations, agencies, and schools to meet the needs of their unique culture. As such, all our educational materials can be tailored to be sure that we meet our audience where they are.


All our presentations can be taught individually as standalone sessions, or as a complete series. They can also be tailored to age-appropriate audiences. Each presentation is designed to take approximately one hour to facilitate; however, if shorter or longer sessions are needed, we can accommodate those as well.


We can provide our educational presentations virtually or in person. We also have a variety of print handouts and guides for in person trainings.


Listen to Grand Prairie Assistant Police Chief Ronnie Morris' interview on the Chad Hasty Show where he discusses why the Christine Blubaugh Act is so meaningful to him and why teaching youth about teen dating violence will save lives. 

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