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Transitional Housing Program

Brighter Tomorrows Housing Programs were created in response to the need to prevent and to end homelessness due to domestic violence and/or sexual assault. The programs provide access to affordable housing and supportive services to assist survivors in attaining safety and safe-affordable housing, as well as, to move towards independent safe living. This security allows guests to focus on setting and achieving personal goals throughout their time in the program. While in the housing programs, survivors have access to case management, individual and group counseling, financial literacy, job readiness, life-skills training, and legal advocacy. Our mission is to assist survivors who are at risk of or are experiencing homelessness through three initiatives. 

Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing Program provides a safe apartment for families who are experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Program stay is up to 24 months and during that time guest rent and utilities are paid by the agency. The purpose of the program is to provide families with an apartment so that they can save money, pay off debts, regain confidence, and move into their own home. 

Rapid Rehousing

The Rapid Rehousing Program provides rental assistance to individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence and/or sexual assault. The agency assists with rental payments to scattered site rental units for stays ranging from one up to six or 12 months depending on housing availability and regulations. Utilities and any other fees are paid by the guest. The Rapid Rehousing Program serves to rapidly transition individuals and families from the experience of homelessness to safe housing and on the road to independent living.

Homeless Prevention

The goal of Brighter Tomorrows Homeless Prevention Program is to assist survivors affected by domestic violence and/or sexual assault in preventing the experience of homelessness through assistance to stay in their existing housing or find new housing. The program provides rental and/or utility assistance and access to supportive services. The main purpose of homeless prevention activities is to avoid entirely a disruptive and costly homelessness episode for households.  

For more information, please call:
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